"Our key brand measures rose significantly - we're really happy that MEC came to the table: it really drove home our message last year."

Ali Cameron, Molson

“The new listening and communication channel initiative has been a game changer for Windows Mobile. We’ve also documented a “Best Practice” approach to Social Media engagement for other product groups. We’ve seen exponential results each month (6X growth on Facebook and 13,000 video views on YouTube within 2 months). It’s strongly influencing our FY10 MARCOM strategy.”

Jenn Aaro - USIMC Lead, US

“Congratulations to the team for achieving such a great involvement from consumers - and with a limited investment!  It clearly shows that young consumers, when approached with the right message, immediately become brand ambassadors."

Sandro Benedettini - Marketing Director, Nintendo Italy

Sony Computer Entertainment America / PlayStation

Sociable gaming

We developed a video gaming TV award show that reached out to a broader audience in Latin America while keeping hardcore gamers engaged.

The challenge

The growth of video gaming has been hampered by accusations that the hobby can lead to social isolation. Sony Computer Entertainment America, manufacturers of the PlayStation console, asked us to help them extend the appeal of their product to social gamers without alienating hardcore gaming fans.

Our insight

A gamer doesn’t have to be a stereotype – anyone and everyone can be one.

Our solution

We teamed up with MTV to develop Latin America’s first-ever video gaming award show. This enabled us to link best-in-class gaming culture with mainstream music and entertainment via a brand that has captivated audiences with its various award shows.

To break negative preconceptions, we ran a five-month multimedia campaign aimed at finding ‘The Most Unexpected Gamer’, based on consumer nominations collected via a unique microsite. Buzz was amplified via social media, as well as via MTV and PlayStation’s own media presence. The show itself featured non-intrusive integration of PlayStation products through product placement, exclusive trailers and game demonstrations.

The results

  • Sales up 18%
  • Reached an audience of over six million 12-34 year-olds
  • 350,000 votes from 17 markets
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