"Our whole organisation understands what our offer is and what we are able to deliver, which is a surprisingly hard thing to achieve in a global company. Lots of our growth comes from existing clients, and that's not about promises. They know what we can deliver, and they want more of it."

Charles Courtier

"MEC's Integrated Channel Planning across 2008 has helped Caterpillar achieve the annual communication objectives on lead generation and awareness. MEC has been a true strategic partner for Caterpillar and beyond a media buying agency, MEC has become a trusted strategic advisor."

Caterpillar, Latin America

"You've really helped us break into this market in such a big way so we love you. Huge love to you guys. Muah. Thank you so much."

Lisa and Jess, The Veronicas

Nestlė / Friskies Cat

Cats’ eyes

Sales of a cat food brand rose dramatically, thanks to a campaign that engaged Poland’s cat lovers.

The challenge

Nestlé’s Friskies Cat is a challenger brand in the Polish cat food market, with spontaneous awareness ranked four times lower than the category leader. Our challenge was to generate greater brand awareness and increase sales for the brand without the spend of the competition.

Our insight

Cats are playful, alert and curious creatures that poke their noses into everything – but where do they go when their owners are not around? 

Our solution

Our idea was to engage cat owners by showing them a cat’s eye view of life. We created a feline character – Le Bobo – and put a ‘cat-cam’ round his neck to record his adventures. The resulting photos were posted on the Friskies Cat website, with the best ones show in an exhibition on the streets of Warsaw. We then invited selected cat owners to fit their pets with cat-cams to generate more pictures for a Friskies Cat photo competition.

Initially, print, online display and social drove cat lovers online. After that, the campaign took on a life of its own through bloggers and traditional PR in newspapers and magazines. It even secured a
10-minute editorial slot on Poland’s most popular breakfast TV show.

The results

  • Quantitative sales up over 50% during the campaign
  • Free TV coverage worth $100,000
  • 50,000 website unique visitors
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