Getting professionals in Singapore to be more active and creative

The National Steps Challenge sought to professionals, managers, executives and businessmen (PMEBs) in Singapore to sit less and move more.

People perceived 10,000 steps to be daunting, thus Health Promotion Board (HPB) had to remind them that walking could happen anytime and anywhere. We needed a communications vehicle that could keep up.

We turned to social media, creating a highly personal social campaign on Facebook, leveraging Singaporeans’ love for social photography and the bragging rights of hitting 10,000 steps a day. It was called #MY10KTODAY – the socially acceptable way to walk.
Singaporeans were challenged to show us creative ways to achieve 10,000 steps, and to show us where their 10,000th step took them. All they had to do was to submit their photos via Facebook for a chance to win attractive prizes.

We got social influencers to take part in #MY10KTODAY, taking their followers to Lulu’s movie set, the NUS race track, all around Bugis and even Mumbai!

Singaporeans walked over 28 billion steps and there were high awareness scores of over 62% among PMEBs. The influencer content garnered an average of over 2,000 likes per post. These helped the #MY10KTODAY contests attract 1,077 entries and 13,016 votes!



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