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Transforming Singaporeans’ passion for food into awareness of calories and need for exercise for client Health Promotion Board (HPB)

It’s official Singaporeans love food – a national pastime and the social sphere proves that. But such passion is lost when you quiz them about the number of calories contained in their favourite chicken rice or what their daily caloric limit is. Why? Because Singaporeans don’t understand calories and what it takes to burn it off and the Health Promotion Board (HPB) had to change that.

The digital space is already filled with food-related content. However, for a country that placed such importance on food, there was barely any localised food content educating Singaporeans of its ‘nutritional values’. We knew short-form content worked given the popularity of food videos on social platforms – armed with that insight, we developed ‘FoodSteps’, featuring beloved local dishes in a different light.

‘FoodSteps’ consisted of 6 simple but quirky 30 sec videos featuring local food and educated viewers on the number of calories in their food and drinks, and the number of steps required to burn them off! Shot in stop-motion/hyperlapsed format, each video displayed the number of calories or steps in relation to each dish. To keep our content series fresh and relevant, we even covered seasonal favourites specific to Christmas and Chinese New Year, tying into our campaign period.

We amplified the videos via digital and Owned Platforms in a big way, targeting foodies to kickstart the conversation.

The results were staggering – over 40% of the viewers were driven organically (>3x above average) with over 2.2 million views and 4,959 shares across 6 videos. An average of 0.8 likes per second in the first 6 hours on Facebook!


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