Welcome to MEC’s Review Preview. For this the fifth edition of our annual trends watch, we sought out to provide a guide for implementing marketing initiatives in a digitally enabled world by identifying the key dimensions impacting brands.

The journey to marketing in the digital era requires a change of culture, organizational structures, technology, measurement frameworks, and operating models. And it is on-going. Digital transformation is more than a single program or activity. Digital has transformed the ways in which consumers discover, explore, buy, and engage with products and services, transcending traditional channel boundaries. A piecemeal strategy of bolting on digital channels is no longer sufficient. Rather then treating digital as a channel, focus on delivering digitally enhanced experiences that add value in the context of the consumer’s needs. Your customers are digital. Technology powerfully changes how consumers experience products and what they value. Digital experiences are supplementing brand impressions. You must think about your business as part of a digital ecosystem of value that connects digital resources inside and outside the company as needed to compete. You must harness digital technology, both to deliver a superior customer experience and to drive agility for operational efficiency.

By 2017, in most major global markets digital touchpoints, such as through mobile devices, will influence over 50% of retail sales and over 10% of all sales will be online. Increasingly, sophisticated location and context aware apps and sensors are permeating the physical world, making digital services inseparable from traditional products and services.

Your biggest challenge is staying ahead of technology and your consumers’ rapidly changing expectations. Open your services and data to reach consumers in new ways. Fund disruptive innovation and experimentation activities with customers.

Based on these inevitable and breakthrough forces, we developed this guide of key marketing considerations. We hope that you will continuously refer to RP5, take notes, explore new opportunities, share your experiences, and that it will inspire new thinking and most of all boldness in your marketing efforts. We would love to hear from you, so please join the conversation by posting your comments.

Read Review Preview No. 5 here.

Our very best.

Carl Fremont
MEC Global Chief Digital Officer


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